The perception of dysfunctional political institutions, rampant use of fake news, and the rise of right-wing extremist parties have led to widespread public distrust in government. Global developments such as the refugee crisis, security and border control issues, and rising levels of income inequality have helped produce deeply polarised societies across the world.

At EAPC's annual conference we will examine the complex web of social, economic and political concerns that are driving these divisions, with an upclose look at how politicians can address the scepticism of voters driving polarisation. We will explore how political leaders and strategists, using modern campaign tools, can be more effective in responding to low levels of socio-political trust.

Conference panels, workshops and sessions will address:

Global polarisation: Discussion on the factors that contribute to polarisation in the world. How can political communication create solutions for global polarisation?

Political polarisation: What are the causes of deep ideological divides? We will examine national politics of various countries through case studies.

Democracy vs. Security: The rise of extremist ideologies pave way to a new dilemma. Freedom of speech is an essential part of democracy, but should there be limitations if it threatens security?

Post truth: How a campaign contends with a "post fact" world of fake news, propoganda and framing?

Economic polarisation vs. inequality: What are the implications of global crisis on European national economic policy? How do these effects correlate to income inequality?

Homeless nations and the refugee crisis: We will discuss the effects of the global refugee crisis on European national politics.

UK, Dutch, German, Norwegian, and Chilean Elections: Key learnings and insights.

Polling methodology up close: Are pollsters capturing the divides?

Digital, mobile and data: Innovation for democracy!

Rise of data: Cyber-security and data management tips.


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